"Drawing room" offers your child a sound art education. Experience how your child develops artistic skills, accompanied step by step, in our high-quality lessons from the beginning to the master level.

In this course little artists step-by-step improve their motoric skills, and eye-hand coordination. With fun  exercises they learn to turn their scribbles into recognizable images, thus getting an "I CAN" feeling and a desire to continue the exploration of their abilities in visual arts. As main art medium kids use pencils, felt tips and water  colors.







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                                             PreArt 7-11 y.o.

This is the most important age in establishing        relationship of a child with art. Older children have a desire to portray a more literal view of the world. This course is designed to equip the child with those necessary new skills, through which young artists can express their newly developed perspective on the world.  In this course children will gain understanding of the process of transferring 3D environment that surrounds us onto the surface of 2D paper. They will learn to recognize 3D geometrical shapes in all man made objects and perceive edges of nature made objects. Critical self-evaluation and claiming success is an important part of this course and of establishing oneself as an artist. Kids will learn how to create the illusion of depth in the picture, how to apply shadows and how to work with dry mediums, such as pencils, pastel chalks and charcoal.                            Ask a question/ Register

                           RealDrawing / RealPainting   12-16 y.o.

Participants of this course have seriously decided to explore the depths of artistic expression. Drawing and painting lessons with integrated history of art, color theory and sculptural design are meant to bring the artistic skills of a teenager to nearly professional level. Art becomes a playground, where we learn, explore and improve. Kids develop their preferences in artistic styles and mediums and develop their own signature style.





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For 16+ please go here      16+ and grownups

"My daughter was really excited about the workshop! She learned a lot of drawing techniques and artistic point of view. Some of her paintings have been framed and found a place in our living room."

                                                                                                      Maria L.