About me

Hi, I'm Luba Holland!


I'm an interior architect, art teacher, artist and a supporter of art education.


When me and my sister were kids, all I wanted, was to play with her. She was too cool for it though, she was 1 year older! She was reading books all her free time or doing her gorgeous nails (something I've never got, even now!!), ignoring me.


I hated books, it was too boring to sit on one place! I needed movement, running around the beach, throwing ball, hiding in the bushes, chasing street dogs!) Non of it was possible in the middle of the russian winter. Ice skating used to be my winter passion. At the age of 7 I have made it into kids team to be trained for the Olympic Games. As I saw it, I was brought into this world to become a sports star! I had absolutely everything for it: endless energy, determination, I was goal oriented, diciplined achiever. Until I've discovered, one thing I was missing - health.  Severe stomach aches, that were keeping me from sleep at night, were caused by chronicle gastritis. My sports career was over before it even started. Long years of struggling with pain began, some times I had to stay for up to 6 weeks in the hospital, taking pills, eating plain food, staying under doctors control, in other words, doing nothing!!!. 


Apart from life itself, my mum gave me, as I was growing up, quite a few life saving tools (Thanks, Mum!!! Forever greatful!!). The box of color pencils was one of them! I loved drawing since I can remember, but at that time I had to stay in the hospital, that box of pencils literally saved me from boredom, depression, gave me something to hide behind from the conversations of annoying hospital roommates, gave me a new life long passion and future profession, which, when time came, I have dived into with all my endless energy and determination of a goal oriented, diciplined achiever!


I've realized shortly after, that art has many planes. One day it could be quiet, introvertive, meditative  hiding place and the next day -  bursting with emotions  social activity. Art can give shelter to all kinds of temperaments and charachters, no matter how hyperactive or shy your child is.


Now, nothing brings me bigger pleasure and satisfaction to share drawing skill as a "life saving tool" with my and your kids!