Wilkommen auf meiner webseite für Zeichen- und malkurse in München und Planegg.


Mein Name ist Luba Holland! Ich freue mich, Sie in meinem Atelier für Kunstkurse begrüßen zu dürfen. Wollten Sie schon immer Menschen zeichnen können? Denken Sie das Zeichnen von Gesichtern, von Portraits sei für Sie zu schwer?

Lassen Sie sich überraschen!

Sie werden mit mir grundlegende Zeichenkenntnisse erwerben, die Sie unmittelbar umsetzen können, unabhängig von ihrer Arbeit oder ihren Hobbies.

Sie werden in kürzester Zeit Zeichenkenntnisse beherrschen und erstaunlichste Ergebnisse erzielen!

Lassen Sie uns also zusammen zeichnen. Es ist auf jeden Fall viel einfacher als Sie denken und, last but noch least, es macht glücklich!


                                ONLINE LESSONS

As we all have few weeks of homeschooling ahead of us, "Drawing room" invites kids to online drawing lessons. Choose the day and language according to your preference and Contact me or just give me a call! 


Price: 8€/ lesson (Usual price 15€/lesson)


Free for registered pupils of "Drawing room"


PreArt  7-11 y.o. (English)   Mo. and Th.   16.30-17.10     Ask a question/ Register


MiniArt 4-6 y.o.  (English)    Tuesday        17.15-18.00    Ask a question/ Register


RealArt 12-16 y.o. (English) Wednesday  18.00-18.40     Ask a question/ Register


PreArt 7-11 y.o. (Russian)   Friday           15.30-16.10     Ask a question/ Register



Dear parents,  dear kids!

there's nothing that can replace people's personal communication. The exchange of energy, knowledge and experience is equally important for both students and teachers. I hope that during our "live" lessons I have managed not only to teach you different skills and drawing techniques, but also to strengthen your love for creative self-expression. May this love be your SUPERPOWER these days! And although we can't meet in person, it's not hard to keep in touch! I think about you all the time and together with Mike Maurus have prepared some fun tasks for you to do at home on your own. Please download these files and let's do it!!! Every week I will upload new tasks and hope you enjoy them! Feel free to ask for help from Mom and Dad, and of course me and Mike mike.maurus@zack-design.com are always in touch! 

                                                                                               Luba Holland             


Here is the first project for you: "Busy bunny" flip book!


Busy bunny
JPG-Datei [642.4 KB]
Busy bunny
JPG-Datei [232.5 KB]
Busy bunny
Step-by-step instructions
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New project!!! "Chicken dance" flip book.

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JPG-Datei [198.6 KB]
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Dear parents, on my Instagram account drawing_in_munich I am starting an art project "Isolated kids art" where I will publish children's works created during the isolation period. I believe that art "expands walls", releases energy, both positive and negative, heals and inspires! Let us support all children in this situation and give them examples of positive, creative time! Send me your children's works on WhatsApp tel. 017641597001 and I will publish them on Instagram.


                            Upcoming events for kids in 2020

 Fasching Art Camp 24.02-28.02.20 9.00-13.00 Kids 7-12 y.o Register

Easter Art Camp  

06.04-09.04.20 9.00-17.00 Kids 7-12 y.o Cancelled
Summer Art Camp 27.07-31.07.20 9.00-13.00 Kids 7-12 y.o Register

Exhibition "E-motion-S" took place on 17-19th of May'2019. I was happy to present  my art, along with two other artists, Lydia Kalasz and Astrid Link. 

Address: Savoyenstr.8 , 80638 Munich. 



 "Three" Art exhibition of  three Munich artists:  Luba Holland, Urmi Magoon and Cynthia Drach.

June' 2018     McArthur&McArthur Studios.