Zeichenkurse in München
Zeichenkurse in München
Zeichenkurse auf Englisch und Russisch with
Zeichenkurse  auf Englisch  und Russisch with

Holiday courses and workshops for children in 2019 


Summer Art Camp 7-12 y.o

 29.07- 02.08.19 



 160 incl.snack 20€ materials/registration 


Summer Art Camp Teens

13-16 y.o

02.09-06.09.19       (Mo-Fr)  


160 €  incl.snack 20€ materials/registration                                                         Register

Autumn Art Camp 7-12 y.o

 28.10 -31.10.19



148 € + 20€ materials/registration

                                                      Booked out

Autumn Art

Camp 12-16 y.o

28.10 -31.10.19




148 €  + 20€ materials/registration

                                                      Booked out

Buß und Bett

Tag Basteln

7-12 y.o


 20.11.19 (Wednesday)                9.00-13.00      

40 €  10€ materials/registration     




Christmas crafts

7-12 y.o




30€+10€ Materials/registration        Register    


FaschingArt Camp  7-12 y.o

24.02.-28.02.20 9.00-13.00 160  20€ materials/registration    Register          

Easter Art  Camp  7-12 y.o

6.04-9.04.20 9.00-13.00 148  20€ materials/registration     Register            

All  camps will take place in Hofmark Atelier in Bahnhofstr.42, 82152 Planegg (Entrance Hofmarkstr.)                                                                                                                                                     Anfahrt


"Drawing room" is happy to welcome your kids in Art Camps for kids 7-12.y.o! And in Art Camp for Teens (13-16 y.o). We will draw, paint, go for walks (assuming I've arranged nice weather), learn the basics of realistic drawing, learn new painting techniques, observe and sketch nature in Maria Eich Wald, and do crafts.  Please read more details below and contact me to register. The amount of spaces is limited to 10 kids. 

The course is designed for primary school  kids of cirtain age. But as you know, in art the desire is more important then the age group. 


Here is the general schedule of the holiday camp:


  8.45 - 9.00    - Drop off

  9.00 - 10.30  - Lessons 

10.45 - 11.00  - Snack. Fruit and vegetable sticks, pretzels, drinks (water and fruit                             tee)  are  included in the price, if your child has any food allergies                             or  wants    some other snacks or drinks, please provide your own                             snack.

11.00 - 11.45  - Walk, scketching outside (weather permitting)

11.45 - 13.00  - return to the studio. Lesson. 

            13.00  - Pick up. 


Payment:  We are asking to pay in advance 20 €  non-refundable registration fee (this money will allow us to purchase all necessary art supplies). The rest of the payment 160 € can be tranferred into account any time before the course, or payed cash on the first day of the course. 


Cancellation policy: If  you cancel the participation in the course more than 2 weeks before the course, you receive the full price of the course (160  €) and we still can try to find another participant.  If you cancel any time during the last 2 weeks before the course, please understand, that we will be able to return only 50% of the price.  Once the course has started refunds are not possible. Single missed days are also not a subject to money refund.


Languages: Often I'm being asked if kids with no knowledge of English language can attend my courses. Of course they can! I teach in English, I can support kids in German and in Russian languages. Kids translate for each other. I've noticed that for some kids my lessons turn into mild introduction to English language. Languages never have been a problem. After all, it's a universal language of art we speak during our lessons:)


Easter Art Camp 2015 in Ballettschule "Kolibri"

Autumn holiday camp in the "Drawing room" studio.

Summer camp 2014 in Seidlhof

Autumn holiday course in JAC Grundschule 2013