Zeichenkurse in München
Zeichenkurse in München
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About me

Hi there, my name is Luba.

Before anything else, I am married to a wonderful man and a mother to two wonderful children. These people inspire and encourage me for the best ideas and beginnings.






I'm an interior architect, graphic designer, lecturer for theRussian State Construction and Housing Academy, artist and a supporter of art education.  




Here you can find my latest artworks: 



Instagram    @drawing_in_munich




May            2019        Collective exhibition "E-motion-S". Savoyenstr.8, Munich


March         2019        International artists exhibition, New York, USA.


November  2018         International Festival of Visual arts "Human and Environment"

                                   Khuzestan, Dezful (Iran)  


Sept-Oct    2018         "Love and Inspiration" Haegeumgang theme Museum,

                                   South Korea


June          2018         McArthur&McArthur studios. Munich "Three".


May        2017          Global Reactive Art Exhibition, Mardleabury gallery, England


March       2017         "Gogyoshi Art project International" Maaseik, Belgium   


Aug-Sept  2016            "Draw invironment with Art" Haegeumgang theme Museum,

                                    South Korea


May         2016           1st International Art Exhibition, "People, East, Art"

                                   Dezful cinematic and cultural complex, Iran


May           2016           "People, East, Art"  Museum of Contemporary Art of Ahwaz, Iran

August      2016            "Gogyoshi Art project International"  Museum of Kumanovo,